Franco's Pescheria, once a small-scale fish market, expanded in June 2017 to a redesigned space with a redefined mission: to set a new standard for seafood in suburban Chicagoland. Our entire stock of fresh- and saltwater fish is flown in fresh, and deliveries are made every morning to our Lake Zurich market. Behind our retail storefront is a modern, 50-seat restaurant and raw bar where diners can expect fast, healthy lunches and elegant, upscale dinners.

The reception from our customers has been resoundingly positive. We are encouraged to meet so many meet people who seek out specialty markets like ours to find the best ingredients to cook for friends and family. Likewise, if you choose to gather and dine here, you can trust that your meal won't need to be thawed in order to be cooked.

Franco's Pescheria is a second-act career for Frank Radogna, who retired from the transportation company he built to pursue a passion shared by many of us: the art of exquisite food. Radogna purchased Diamond Fresh Seafood, which had built a loyal clientele after a decade in business, and immediately drafted plans for an expansion and began searching for the right chef. He drew inspiration for his restaurant’s design from a pescheria in Italy, not far from where his parents and grandparents were born. Much of the menu has a Venetian culinary influence.

At Franco's Pescheria, we emphasize simplicity, approaching most dishes with a straightforward style to allow the freshness of the seafood to shine.

Freshness is our mission. Fish remains in our case less than two days on average. So we accomplish our mission thanks to you and your love of seafood.

As we see it, Franco’s Pescheria is part of a growing consumer movement toward specialized markets that emphasize sustainability and freshness.

“We’re getting back to our roots," Radogna says. "Instead of supermarkets, people want to buy meat from a butcher, bread from a baker, and fish from a fishmonger."